Lularoe Shoot | Columbia Portrait Photographer | Victoria Elizabeth Photography

If you know me, you know I LOVE Lularoe. Well, my dear friend Marcie started selling it a little while back and she has some wonderful ladies that signed up underneath her (one of which is a past bride of mine!). Well, since I love this wonderful clothing company so much, I decided to sign up under Marcie to sell them too! I wear these clothes everyday and I could not be happier to start selling all of these wonderful pieces to you!

While I'm waiting on my onboarding date to arrive, I thought I would share some images from a session I had with Marcie and the girls! Look at all of these beautiful pieces. All Lularoe! 

P.S. Y'all please take a moment to appreciate how awesomely goofy my past bride, Lauryn is (last photo)